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A Fresh Start


Í’m sorry I didn’t post anything for a while on this wordpress blog, but I am starting again;)

On my ‘official’ blog, I am posting new articles every three days, so if you would like to keep up with me…check my blog: www.thebeautyprogram.com

For now, here is a workout that I posted a while back, when the new year started. It is called “Fresh Start” but is perfect for any day, so be sure to try it sometime! CLICK HERE to see the workout

Thanks so much for stopping by;)

Love, Linda


Workout Of The Week 2

This is another workout of the week, that I will do myself and I hope you will too!

Click Here to see the workout


The (1)2 Minute Workout

Nowadays, everybody is busy: too busy too workout even though that is so important for our health! This workout is for the busy people out there, and for everybody else too. Basically it’s a 2 minute workout that you will repeat 6 times throughout your day. The exercises are simple and don’t require any equipment so you can do the workout anywhere, anytime you want. You won’t even notice that you did a 12 minute workout at the end of the day but trust me, any exercise you get will help you stay healthy, and make you feel better. Keep on reading to see the workout!