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How Much Sleep Do I Need?

In this crazy busy world, it’s sometimes impossible to get enough sleep; whether you’re a college student, a full-time mom or have a time-consuming job, sleeping becomes a luxury. It is important for your health, and beauty that you get enough sleep, but what is enough?

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5x HIIT Benefits

HIIT training stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is a form of working out that has many benefits.

The thought behind it is basically that it is more affective for muscle building and/ore losing weight to exercise very very intense for a short period of time rather than doing a 2 hour long workout session. The workouts I do myself are mostly HIIT, and I have to say, I believe it’s true! If you are still doing long workouts at the gym, check out these benefits that HIIT training has and try it if you like!

Read HERE all about the benefits a HIIT workout has 🙂

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DIY: 2x Lemon Face Wash

Lemons have many benefits for the skin, and making your own face wash with lemons is easy and cheap! Check out these two recipes for face washes you can make in your own kitchen using mainly lemons 🙂

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DIY: Sore Throat Remedy

A simple, natural sore throat remedy to keep you healthy those last days of winter!

Spring brings the rain and with winter comes…pain! A sore throat is painful, though very common in colder days. Sure, there are lots of medicines out there to help you get rid of it but in my opinion it’s always better to go natural, and to make your own remedy that gets rid of a sore throat just as fast.

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Dark Chocolate Beauty & Health Benefits

If you’re a chocolate lover, just like I am than you are going to love this article since I will be telling you all about the amazing benefits (dark) chocolate has!

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Weight Loss Tip: Keep Snacks Out Of Sight

This month I have another great tip, that will help you to lose some weight, manage your current weight or just to become a little healthier; Keep snacks out of sight! That’s right, just by looking at unhealthy snacks you will feel like you need to eat them, and most of the time it’s hard to keep yourself from snacking…That is why not even looking at certain snacks can be an easy, yet affective way to reach your weight loss goals.

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5x Healthy Snacks

Eating healthy is important and fun but can be really hard. The thing is, you just think it’s hard because you’re used to a different lifestyle or eating pattern but eating healthy is actually super easy. I just want to repeat that eating healthy is not the same as eating LESS or eating NOTHING, in fact I am absolutely against the last one. The trick is (most of the time) to make healthier life choices, for example when you choose your snacks…

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