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DIY: Olive Oil & Aloe Vera Makeup Remover

Simple recipe for an at-home makeup remover.

Makeup remover can easily be made at home, in your own kitchen with just a few supplies. A huge benefit of making your own makeup remover is that you know exactly what you put on your face, and you don’t have to worry about whether the remover you’re using is bad for your skin, causes acne or all the stuff. No, this homemade makeup remover contains just two ingredients, which both help your skin to look as great as possible!

To see full tutorial, CLICK HERE

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5 Tips For Soft Hands In Fall & Winter

Cold weather in fall is not ideal for your hands; you can probably feel your skin getting raw and chapped, and that is just not OK. Luckily there is enough you can do to keep your skin soft and your hands healthy, all fall and even during winter! Keep reading to find out the 5 best tips to get soft hands.

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Get Ready In 15 Minutes

You’re sleeping, having this awesome dream and suddenly your alarm clock starts to ring…it’s morning and time to get up! But, you decide to stay in just a little while longer until you know you HAVE to get up or else you’ll be late for work or school. Still half asleep, you decide to go to the bathroom to get ready…Recognize this? Well, you’re not the only one. Lots of people have trouble getting up in the morning, but that doesn’t mean you have to let look like it!

With these easy steps you will be ready to go in 15 minutes, so CLICK HERE to  keep on reading!

Hair Tutorial: Flipped Ponytail

Today I want to show you an easy hair tutorial for If you want to do something fun with your average ponytail. It’s great for school, college or for a fun day of shopping so let’s
see how to get this hairstyle!

Click Here to see how you can get a flipped ponytail!

DIY: Tomato & Sugar Face Scrub

I already told you several times how healthy tomatoes are, and what great benefits they can have for your skin. That’s why I will bring you another DIY using tomatoes and sugar. This is a face scrub, and it will make your skin soft & glowing. So let’s see how to make this scrub!

6x Pumpkin Health Benefits

Fall means cozy sweaters, falling leaves and…pumpkins! There are so many delicious recipes out there that include pumpkins, from bread and cake to soup and beer, and of course pumpkins are fun for Halloween! Pumpkins are not only delicious and fun though, they have some pretty amazing health benefits, and what better time to tell you about these then the famous pumpkin season! 

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DIY: Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Today I will show you this super easy but oh-so effective hair treatment using only (extra virgin) coconut oil. The treatment is a mask, and will make your hair shiny, soft and healthy! There really isn’t much more to say so let’s get started.