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Recipe: White Choco Mocha

In this article I will tell you how to make your very own Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha! This coffee is easy and inexpensive to make, no special kitchen equipment is required and it’s perfect for a weekend or some other relaxing time.

CLICK HERE for pictures and a tutorial!


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12x Broccoli Beauty & Health Benefits

Find out why broccoli is so special and healthy!

I have to admit broccoli is not my favorite food in the world, and that’s an understatement but I still try to eat this healthy vegetable at least 2 times a week. Why should I eat something I don’t like? Well, broccoli actually has some amazing health benefits which I will tell you about right HERE

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How Much Sleep Do I Need?

In this crazy busy world, it’s sometimes impossible to get enough sleep; whether you’re a college student, a full-time mom or have a time-consuming job, sleeping becomes a luxury. It is important for your health, and beauty that you get enough sleep, but what is enough?

For an answer on this question, and a simple test to find out how much sleep YOU need, CLICK HERE

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A Fresh Start


Í’m sorry I didn’t post anything for a while on this wordpress blog, but I am starting again;)

On my ‘official’ blog, I am posting new articles every three days, so if you would like to keep up with me…check my blog:

For now, here is a workout that I posted a while back, when the new year started. It is called “Fresh Start” but is perfect for any day, so be sure to try it sometime! CLICK HERE to see the workout

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Recipe: Blackberry Smoothie

A healthy breakfast or a power boost: This Blackberry smoothie is both healthy and delicious and super easy to make! Check out the full instructions HERE

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New Website!

First of all I want to wish everyone a happy new year (I know it’s a little bit late, but still…)

I also wanted to tell you that my blog has a new design and that I will be posting new articles again! So if you’re interested in natural beauty, getting in shape, product reviews and much more, come and visit!!

On this webadress I will only post small parts of my original article, so you can decide whether or not it’s worth it to go check out the whole piece 😉

Also, The Beauty Program has twitter now!! Follow me HERE

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The Starbucks Recipe Book

Recently I found a Starbucks recipe book online with amazing recipes in it!

I will post the best coffees and desserts along with instructions on my blog :

Also, If you want to know where you can donwload your own Starbucks recipe book, CLICK HERE

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First of all, Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Here, I will tell you a little bit about me and about the purpose of this blog. Interested? Keep reading!

I am Linda, and I am a student Business Administration. health addict and interested in anything Beauty, Nutrition and Fitness related. All my life I have been obsessed, or at least really interested in the power of nature, healthy food, healthy lifestyles etc.

I started this blog, first of all to share knowledge, recipes, beauty secrets, things I found on the web that everybody should see and a lot of other things. But my goal is to inspire and encourage people to change, or at least adjust their lifestyle and to make people more aware of their lifestyle. It is absolutely not my intention to force someone into living a life they don’t want to live, but maybe I can convince some people that living healthy, taking care of yourself and enjoying life can all go together!

Aside from beauty, health, nature and that kind of stuff I LOVE music, tv (I watch a lot of series) movies, coffee and much more;)  I will share my favorites on my personal page so check it out if you’re looking for some new songs or movies.

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