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12x Broccoli Beauty & Health Benefits

Find out why broccoli is so special and healthy!

I have to admit broccoli is not my favorite food in the world, and that’s an understatement but I still try to eat this healthy vegetable at least 2 times a week. Why should I eat something I don’t like? Well, broccoli actually has some amazing health benefits which I will tell you about right HERE

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A Fresh Start


Í’m sorry I didn’t post anything for a while on this wordpress blog, but I am starting again;)

On my ‘official’ blog, I am posting new articles every three days, so if you would like to keep up with me…check my blog:

For now, here is a workout that I posted a while back, when the new year started. It is called “Fresh Start” but is perfect for any day, so be sure to try it sometime! CLICK HERE to see the workout

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Recipe: Blackberry Smoothie

A healthy breakfast or a power boost: This Blackberry smoothie is both healthy and delicious and super easy to make! Check out the full instructions HERE

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New Website!

First of all I want to wish everyone a happy new year (I know it’s a little bit late, but still…)

I also wanted to tell you that my blog has a new design and that I will be posting new articles again! So if you’re interested in natural beauty, getting in shape, product reviews and much more, come and visit!!

On this webadress I will only post small parts of my original article, so you can decide whether or not it’s worth it to go check out the whole piece 😉

Also, The Beauty Program has twitter now!! Follow me HERE

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Weight Loss Tip: Keep Snacks Out Of Sight

This month I have another great tip, that will help you to lose some weight, manage your current weight or just to become a little healthier; Keep snacks out of sight! That’s right, just by looking at unhealthy snacks you will feel like you need to eat them, and most of the time it’s hard to keep yourself from snacking…That is why not even looking at certain snacks can be an easy, yet affective way to reach your weight loss goals.

Click Here to read more about this advice, why it works and more awesome weight loss tips!

5x Healthy Snacks

Eating healthy is important and fun but can be really hard. The thing is, you just think it’s hard because you’re used to a different lifestyle or eating pattern but eating healthy is actually super easy. I just want to repeat that eating healthy is not the same as eating LESS or eating NOTHING, in fact I am absolutely against the last one. The trick is (most of the time) to make healthier life choices, for example when you choose your snacks…

CLICK HERE to see 5 healthy snacks!

What Is A Calorie?

This is just a short explanation, telling you what calories exactly are because you probably hear this word a lot, and it will definitely show up in my articles more than once;) You probably know you shouldn’t eat too much calories, because if you do, you will gain weight. On the other side, you shouldn’t eat too little calories either since that can be very dangerous. When I started counting my calories I didn’t know for sure what they were so I did some research and here is what I found.

CLICK HERE to read the article