Monthly Archives: September 2012

The (1)2 Minute Workout

Nowadays, everybody is busy: too busy too workout even though that is so important for our health! This workout is for the busy people out there, and for everybody else too. Basically it’s a 2 minute workout that you will repeat 6 times throughout your day. The exercises are simple and don’t require any equipment so you can do the workout anywhere, anytime you want. You won’t even notice that you did a 12 minute workout at the end of the day but trust me, any exercise you get will help you stay healthy, and make you feel better. Keep on reading to see the workout!

Natural Stress Remedy: Music

Music is everywhere, all the time, a life without music seems unimaginable to most people, including me. Music brings people together and is international. Music can give you lots of energy, but can also calm you down. That is why music is a great remedie against stress and an alternative for pills, etc. One of the benefits of using music against stress is that it doesn’t take time away, since you can listen to it while you’re busy, working, cleaning or cooking. Just listening to some music is probably not going to work though, but in this article I will show you how everyone can use music to reduce stress. Sounds interesting? Keep reading!

5 Tips To Keep Your Teeth White

In any magazine you open, or on the television, you will notice that all men and women appearing have shiny white teeth. Well, let me tell you, they weren’t boren with white teeth. Ok, well we weren’t born with any teeth and the first teeth you ever got were maybe white but keeping your teeth white is pretty hard. There are many solutions for yellow teeth. All those ‘solutions’ aren’t permanent though, and it’s important to live by a number of rules to keep your teeth the colour you want them to be! Keep Reading…

Why Keep A Fitness & Food Log?

If you decide to start living a healthy lifestyle, or to really¬† start working out (tomorrow…) it’s definitely the right decision, so congratulations! But where to start? And how will you make sure to really succeed this time if you’ve tried a thousand ways to lose weight, get in shape or live healthy? Well, you need to start at the beginning instead of randomly eating healthy food and going to the gym without a plan. Starting your own Fitness & Food log will help you make those plans and reach your goals! Let’s look at the benefits a personal health log can have, and start your own today!

The Perfect Squat

The squat is a well-known exercise that can help you tone up your legs, lose weight and more. It also is an exercise that is often performed the wrong way, making the exercise really bad for especially your knees. I had knee-trouble myself because I did my squats the wrong way, so If you’re not sure how to perform the perfect squat, keep on reading!